Watch: Long-Lost Dallas Funkers The Relatives Stomp and Shimmy Through New York City

Over on Unfair Park, Robert's been geeking out, and rightfully so, about The Relatives, the Rev. Gean West's 1960s West Dallas funk and gospel outfit that really, truly, shoulda been contenders but, alas, never were -- not until recently, really, when, of all places, Austin (bastards!) started claiming the act as its own, through collaborations with one Black Joe Lewis and his Honeybears at venues such as the Continental Club.

Woulda been tough to even figure out these guys ever were from Dallas, really, were it not for a couple of notes we received telling us as much from Noel Waggener, the man behind The Relatives' Austin-based Heavy Light Records label; the band's heyday came well before either of our times, and, unfortunately, the band hasn't played its hometown in years. But they have been releasing records -- including last year's Don't Let Me Fall compilation, and a new album due out in '12 that the band will be recording come August (with Spoon's Jim Eno, no less). Alas, rumors of a hometown, Kessler Theatre show from the outfit have yet to come to fruition. Instead, the band's been touring the world -- Australia, France, New York City and soon again in Austin once more. But one day, though, they'll play here. Have to, right? Lord willing.

Till then, some video of the band performing just a few days ago (July 31) at Lincoln Center in New York will have to do, where they shared a bill with Mavis Staples, who just played here a few months ago. And who's that backing The Relatives on stage in NYC? Why, a couple of Honeybears, turns out -- or at least bandleader Zach Ernst, who I once geeked out on over a smoke on the Buffalo Billiard's balcony patio after a killer Black Joe performance. Small world? So it'd seem. Anway, the killer 15-minute clip is after the jump. Do enjoy. Do.