The 10 Funniest 35 Denton Band Descriptions

When you go on the 35 Denton website, it becomes clear that most of the bands sent in their own descriptions. Some are standard musical lexicon-run-of-the-mill "Such and such band emerged from the Bumville scene in 19-dickety-two and have been playing since blah blah blah..." type of stuff. Some are downright pretentious squared: "Such and such band transcends genre and are indefinable blah blah blah..." (OK, no band took itself that seriously, but a few came close.) And then there were the funny, smartass bands. Downright hilarious. Here are 10 of the funniest band self-descriptions on the 35 lineup. Forget the music (most of which is great, incidentally), see these bands for their senses of humor alone.

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