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Parade of Flesh Announces First Band For Bro Fest 2011: Carrie Brownstein's Wild Flag

Last year saw the formal-ish debut of Parade of Flesh's post-SXSW bash, Bro Fest, which, after a few years of existing as South by South Flesh, proved quite the good, if somewhat under-attended, time at the Double Wide.

And while this year's version is still some three months-plus off, the man behind the Parade of Flesh name, John Iskander, has started rolling out some juicy bits of information regarding this year's ordeal.

For starters: This year's one-day, two-stage affair will take place on Sunday, march 20, at the sure-to-be-open-by-then Club Dada.

The first performer's been named, too -- Wild Flag, whose name you might not recognize, but whose members you most likely will.

The all-female supergroup quartet features Sleater-Kinney guitarist/vocalist Carrie Brownstein, Sleater-Kinney and Quasi drummer Janet Weiss, Helium guitarist/keyboardist Mary Timony and the Minders' drummer, Rebecca Cole. Says Brownstein of the already-signed-to-Merge act: "We're playing for ourselves but, of course, we'd love it if you listened."