Idol Rich: We Bid a Charitable Farewell to Smiles McTUrban

Now that that's out of the way, ​I'll refrain from commenting on the few questionable performances by seasoned bank-earning professional musicians during the Idol Gives Back episode last night. Because, well, it was all for the good of many children. And there's really no reason to diminish the fact that by close to the end of the show, viewers had already contributed an awesome 15 million dollars. 

I will, however, admit when I'm wrong. And, man, was I wrong. Yesterday, I hypothesized that because of the charitable spirit of the show (and the 2007 precedent), perhaps no one would be kicked off this week. But as Wanda Sykes pointed out during her comic bit, Idol keeps that little bit of mean in there with all the good. So there went my first guess. (Sykes also roasted my oft-aforementioned pet peeve--making losers sing when they get ousted--so I felt validated ever so slightly.) 

Then I said that if they did kick off someone, it should probably be Aaron Kelly.

Wrong again.

He was a B3 member, but he didn't go. In fact, he was the first sent back to SafeCouch leaving--and here's my third mistake--BOTH our golden-locked Casey James and smiling Tim Urban in the Bottom Three.

I figured the NTX2, despite having bad nights working in the inspirational arena, were too beloved to be cut loose.

But what I didn't take into account was that because this week was Idol Gives Back week, the show (both performance and charity) might garner a ton of additional benevolent viewers. And when I say "benevolent" I mean those looking to help children and watch others help children. These people may not have grown to love TUrban's sheepish grin and mop-top or CJ's gritty vocal, but they might have voted just because they watched for the night. I'm not saying that's fact, merely another hypothesis--and lawdy, I could be wrong again--but it seems logical. Our boys had two of the weakest performances and safely the least endearing interactions with the judges, so if you were an objective first-timer would you have voted for them? 

After Sir Elton John's red piano-ed rendition of "Your Song," Ryan Seacrest (who I must call out for teasing a girl on live television after she made a testimony on how Save the Children helped her with her... wait for it... self-esteem) sent A-Kelly and Casey James to safety and Tim Urban back to Duncanville... with no swan song, by the way (either Sykes was more convincing than me or closing the show must've been in ol' EJ's contract).

Yes, I've been hard on TUrban for most of the time, but I have to hand it to the guy--he smiled, bowed, mouthed "thank you" to his fans and stood there patiently while RyRy gave his closing spiel.

He was totally ace about the situation, looking nothing less than appreciative the entire time he was waiting for his farewell reel to roll. His pro behavior was expected, but nevertheless impressive on such a huge night.

Well played, Tim.