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The Best Dallas Music Twitter Accounts

Alright my pals, not sure if you're aware, but there's this social networking site called Twitter. It's simultaneously a hellhole and enchanting corner of the Internet. It's a helluva source for news, but most importantly, a wonderful source for jokes and spirited rants alike. Snark aside (although what else is there?), we want to break down the best accounts from folks in the Dallas music scene.

But instead of just picking out some of the best accounts, we're going to make this interesting. Instead, we're going to hand out some awards. The rules for eligibility is that the users must currently live in Dallas, the account must be public, and no current Dallas Observer staffers or contributors can be included. (Otherwise I would fill every single spot, amiright?) Don't worry, this is no country for the Fake Deep™ or rappers who incessantly retweet compliments.