Renfields Corner is Launching a New Fall Music Series

Once upon a time on Routh Street, Renfields Corner used to offer local bands a fun place to play filled with people who were filled with happy juice and aching to hear music that didn't come from an overpriced jukebox.

"Everybody in the bar, including the owners, is really into live music and had a great time with it before," says Renfields Corner manager and Ishi guitarist Rocky Ottley. "It's just that the series itself kind of petered itself out."

But the venue, in conjunction with Jameson Irish Whiskey, is bringing back live music by turning it into a seasonal series of concerts starting with their new Fall Music Series. The series will feature two live sets every Wednesday for seven weeks starting on Wednesday, October 23rd with The Danny Church Band. Other confirmed band dates include a special Halloween show on Oct. 30th with In Memory of Man and Ice Eater, The Tontons on November 6th, Ishi on Nov. 13th and Southern Renaissance on Nov. 20th.

Ottley said plans are still in the works to bring additional acts to the series. Each show starts around 9:15 p.m. each night and are free and open to the public as long as they are 21 or older.

The bookers hope to create a music series for all genres for people who enjoy live music but can't make it shows on the weekends or need something original and unique to do on a weeknight, Ottley said.

"We're trying to meet the working man's schedule by having an early show and a late show so we can get everybody involved in participating in live music," Ottley said. "All and all, this is a more structured plan to create events that people want."

He also said the organizers and the acts are the only people looking forward to seeing live music return to Renfields Corner.

"There's a definite buzz going on," he said. "It doesn't start for another week or so but the bands we've got are already definitely of a high caliber and the production itself is going to be of a very high caliber. All of the responses we've gotten so far have been really great."