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Remember Ugly Mus-tard? They're Back.

They're the men in the box.

Ugly Mus-tard, the unnecessarily hyphenated industrial-metalheads who were featured in the Dallas Observer back in 1995 and earned the "Best Industrial/Dance" Dallas Observer Music Award in '96, is back.

To put it mildly, their sound has not aged well. Their minor radio hit "High" sounded right at home on KEGL 13 years ago, sandwiched by Tool and Soundgarden songs--which is to say it would sound right at home on KEGL or KDGE today, sadly. So, while everyone knows Dallas' commercial contemporary rock radio stations are stuck in the mid-Nineties, fans can find out if Ugly Mus-tard is too, when the original lineup rolls out new songs along with familiar material December 6 at The Curtain Club. –Jesse Hughey