Gig Alert: Killola and Sick of Sarah Play The Cavern Tonight

Killola is a Los Angeles-based garage-pop quartet that reminds me a lot of the '80s new wave band The Motels (who were also from Los Angeles, go figure)--and it's not just because both bands have semi-hot female singers. Besides appearing in such TV shows as The King of Queens and N.C.I.S., Killola's Lisa Rieffel is one hell of a front person. Suffice to say that it's fairly uncommon for an actress to make the jump to legitimate rock 'n' roll singer, but Rieffel might just be the exception.

Killola has been around since 2003, but her band's soon to be released third effort, Let's Get Associated, is the best collection of music the band has made yet. The first single is "Cracks in the Armour" and the accompanying video (see it above) is way cool, if a bit fishy (nyuck, nyuck).

Check it out and check out Killola tonight at The Cavern, where the band will share a bill with with Minneapolis' Sick of Sarah.