Foxy Brown Lies About Jay-Z's Sex Life and Other Controversies

Where to begin? #raptwitter had a big day yesterday, with big stories breaking left and right. From a Foxy Brown hoax to a pseudo-Big Tymers reunion, here are your biggest hip-hop news stories of the week:

Yesterday started off with a shocking report of Foxy Brown dishing out some pretty wild allegations about Jay-Z. The story, which was posted April 19, went viral this morning. In it, the author states that Foxy Brown tells all about 28-year-old Jay-Z taking her virginity when she was only 15. Other accusations of the Jigga man leaving her with a case of gonorrhea, being a "tranny chaser" and filming a threesome home video with Brown and actor Jamie Foxx were pretty jarring to read first thing in the morning (which I did). The post even quotes Foxy referring to Beyonce as a "halitosis infected heffa." Then, as quickly as the story caught steam, it was debunked by Reggie Osse of's The Combat Jack Show.

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