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Finally, A Local Rapper's Taking His Music Videos Seriously

Fast-rising local MC Dorrough Music is on a ridiculous tear at the moment. Over a month after first making a major splash on the Billboard charts, his first two singles, "Walk That Walk" and "Ice Cream Paint Job," are still rising steadily. This week, "Walk That Walk" reached No. 30 on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Chart and "Ice Cream Paint Job" made its first break into the top 20 on the Hot Rap Track chart, coming in at No. 19.

But more than that, the guy really seems to be taking his product seriously. Check out the above video for "Walk That Walk." Say what you want of the content, but the video's graphics and cinematography are pretty top-notch for someone just breaking through. A slight improvement over the original video for, say, the "Stanky Legg", huh? And, after the jump, check the equally impressive video for "Ice Cream Paint Job."