Gig/Sweet Poster Alert: Get To The Lounge on Elm Street Early Tonight To See The Spits, No Bunny, Uptown Bums and Leg Sweeper--And Get A Free Poster!

Hello friends! We're interrupting your Wednesday to bring you a tasty gig poster update.

Tonight, at the Lounge on Elm Street in the heart of Deep Ellum, the good folks of Parade Of Flesh are not only bringing you a  real solid gig featuring The Spits, No Bunny, The Uptown Bums and Leg Sweeper, but they're also giving you the gig poster that goes with it.

With paid admission to the show tonight, you will get this wicked silk-screened poster you see above. Evidently quantities are quite limited and the posters are gonna be handed out on a "first come, first serve" basis, says the Parade Of Flesh web site.

The poster's designed and hand-pulled by Seth Teeters (whom I gather also did this creepy-cool Devotchka poster), and I love the simplicity in both the composition and the illustration style. The two-color palette of magenta and cyan always does the job of getting the viewer's attention--as if any more help was needed with this poster.

Truly the crown jewel of this piece, as I imagine most everyone would agree, are the liberty spikes on that disembodied cock-a-doodle-do. Killer!

On that note, get out there tonight and get your very own collectible piece of Dallas gig history! Plus, Pete says the bands on the bill are pretty solid as well. So there's that.

No back to your regularly scheduled programs. I'll see you tomorrow for our regular Poster of the Week announcement...