Is Oran "Juice" Jones' "The Rain" The World's Greatest Love Song?

Once again, I have Old School 94.5 to thank for reminding me this song exists. Houston's own Oran "Juice" Jones apparently put out four albums from 1986-1997, but this song remains his crowning achievement, four and a half minutes of pure emotion.

The I-caught-ya vibe of the song reaches its logical conclusion around the 2:25 mark, as Jones goes to confront his wandering woman, admitting he's followed her and her new "alley cat coat-wearing" man. He laments he bought her "blue diamonds" and a $3,700 lynx coat, but tells her he still has faith, because she is young and he believes in her.

"You without me is like a cornflake without the milk," he adds as he puts on a black silk robe, essentially telling his woman their days of soggy flakes have come to an end. (Single tear...)