Gig Alert: Shaolin Death Squad, The Better Death and Ninja Academy Tonight at The Boiler Room

The guys in Denton's Shaolin Death Squad have been together the better part of a decade, wearing those funny masks and dispensing their own brand of melodic, progressive metal and offbeat, Asian philosophy.

Sure, it's a mini Gwar rip-off--and also cheesy as hell--but I'd rather a metal band flash a little cheese than wallow in demonic pretensions or the morose seriousness that seems to inflict most metal acts these days.

Meanwhile, Dallas' own The Better Death has a brand new, 6 song EP to promote, and these boys add a more structured brand of noise to this evening's fray.

Completing the Asian/death motif is Ninja Academy. Based out of Los Angeles, this clever instrumental duo may make it worth your while to get to the club early. Again, the cheese factor is high (Indo-Ninja plays bass and Outdo-Ninja is on drums), but the glorious racket these two create borders on genius.

This bill looks interesting enough that I may even take my kid. Seriously!