Over the Weekend: Quintron & Miss Pussycat Maraca In the New Year at Zubar

Quintron & Miss Pussycat Zubar Saturday, December 31

Better than: Puking behind a Walgreen's dumpster at 2pm the day after Lights All Night.

Sound issues and a general weird vibe prevented Quintron & Miss Pussycat from reaching their full potential Saturday night. Sure, it was New Year's Eve -- strange currents overlap, people end up in places they wouldn't usually go, liquor stores sell out of Ciroc. Zubar is certainly not the place you would go to see the New Orleans duo dish out their '60s swamp-scuzz dance party.

That was illustrated several ways, from the shouts that we couldn't hear Miss Pussycat's vocals being ignored to the fact that you had to push through the crowd to even get into the bar. Also, the absence of Miss Pussycat's puppet show, attributed to the layout of the narrow Greenville club not allowing for it, was felt.

Still, the two are pros and put on the best show they could. Quintron rumbled behind his vintage Cadillac organ, Drum Buddy at his side, while Miss Pussycat shimmied to his right, keeping up the frantic pace for at least an hour. "Swamp Buggy Badass" stretched even further into soul-imbued Krautrock territory than usual, and new material from this year's Goner Records LP Sucre du Sauvage sounded more primal than the venue it was conceptualized in (the New Orleans Museum of Art).

They're the best kind of power couple, gender equally represented, and they help each other out, feed off each other creatively. They're badasses, but their badassery was muted in that venue.

Overheard: "Hey, can you take a picture of my ass crack? I want to put it on Facebook."