Download: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Get The Daytrotter Treatment

Not sure yet if y'all are sick of hearing about local bands getting the Daytrotter treatment -- which is to say, locals getting invited to the Horseshack recording studios in Illinois to lay down some live takes, which the folks at Daytrotter then turn around and give to the public as free downloads -- but, really, I wouldn't blame you if you were.

Lord knows that, over the past few years, a whole slew of North Texas acts have been invited to take part in these sessions. (And, if I'm reading this right, it looks like Doug Burr's session is currently among the studio's most popular recordings.)

Yesterday saw another local added to that list as Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights popped up on Daytrotter, performing four cuts from the band's 2010 major label debut, Pardon Me, including long-time DC9 favorite, "Devil's Basement."

It's not necessarily the bare session you'd expect in this setting -- although Tyler and Co. have proven themselves quite capable of more acoustic performances in the past, too. Rather, this plugged-in session gives off a better sense of the band's fiery live displays, of which Daytrotter, as you'd expected very much approves.

Writes Daytrotter scribe Sean Moeller of Tyler's impressive vocal performance:

He's singing, sure, but there's a forceful and emotive screaming that's going on as well -- about those crazy games of the gypsy women, etc. It's not abrasive, just red-faced and powerful, as if the only thing that's going to clear the red out from his cheeks and calm him down a little is a hearty plug from the whiskey bottle or someone turning all the lights off. It would take some sort of disorienting, supernatural act to quell the pinings and the urgings that exist within the guts of this long-haired young man.
Stream the session and download the tracks -- for free-ninety-nine, no less -- right here.