This Week In Dallas Music History: Erik Thompson Is a One-Man Lo-Fi Chorus

Back before the quirky rock act known as Lo-Fi Chorus moved down to Denton and become a duo, Erik Thompson, the formerly Denton-dwelling man behind the moniker, found a creative well in an unlikely place.

In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, in 1999, former Observer contributor Christina Rees shed some light on Thompson's Lo-Fi Chorus and the fact that he penned most of the material on his debut, self-titled cassette during a three-month stint behind bars in a Denton jail.

Thompson had just come off a sordid couple of years filled with drug abuse and heartache, but it seemed that, in jail, he had found a way to focus his lingering past troubles into his very personal songs. In the year between the time Thompson recorded the songs and this article was written, he'd worked hard to make a name for himself along with a handful of other burgeoning singer-songwriters, including Centro-matic's Will Johnson and Slobberbone's Brent Best.

Thanks to his honest, sad songs, he fit right in.

And, much like those guys, Thompson is still around making music and performing shows these days -- only, now, he's joined by a second player in Chad Walls. Keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for upcoming show information. And check out the entire article after the jump.

If those margins are too tight, check out the story in the Observer archives here.