Bonus MP3: Lil Wil -- "My Dougie (Radio Mix)"

Spoke with Dallas's own hip-hop sensation Lil Wil last week about his upcoming album for a story that'll come out in our print edition in a few weeks (right before his Asylum Records-released debut Dolla$, TX drops on June 3). So, yeah, look forward to that.

Wil's an interesting guy; he's unassuming to an extent but, mostly, he's incredibly excited about the prospects of his future--and for the future successes of other Dallas hip-hop artists, too, something he believes his current status can only help.

He has a point; the video for his first single, "My Dougie," has made it onto BET and MTV Jams and the song itself has earned airplay on radio stations across the South. And, yes, his album and his hit single reference Dallas quite a bit. So it's kinda tough to see a downside to it all at this point, actually.

In case you haven't heard it yet, here's the song--which, yes, is yours to download for free.

Bonus mp3:

Lil Wil -- "My Dougie (Radio Mix)"

Lil Wil -- "My Dougie (Radio Mix)"

He's fresh. --Pete Freedman