DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 7: galleryCat

...and for those of you still stuck on the YouTubes, here's your link.

Looks like we finally took care of those technical difficulties--and good thing, too, as we've been itching to post the above video, featuring longtime DC9 favorite galleryCat playing our weekly video series for a couple days now. And, as you'll no doubt agree upon watching, I think it was worth the wait.

Now, onto the shoot: On Wednesday, February 10, at Yes Go Productions' home base in Oak Cliff, galleryCat, born Angelo Gonzales, stopped on by the space with a few friends to offer up some performances of tracks from the two free albums he dropped in 2009. You won't hear it in the above clip 'cause it was edited out, but Gonzales has a pretty big goal before him: He plans on releasing a free album for every album he ever download for free in the past.

Lucky for him and for us, galleryCat's songs are ones you want to hear. A super-fun--and yet passionate and conscious--brand of the genre, galleryCat's album sound has always been a good time. But, in recent months, the performances have substantially improved as well. Combined, those two elements make galleryCat one of the more entertaining--and probably more underappreciated--acts in town.

Gonzales' hope is that, one day, that'll all change. He's still waiting for hip-hop to save him, he explains and sings in the above clip. If nothing else, you've got to admire that spirit. And, upon watching the above clip, I think you will.