Astronautalis Gets The Violitionist Treatment

Back in January, we told you about the launch of Gutterth Productions' latest venture, a sort-of Daytrotter Lite project called Violitionist Sessions, albeit one with video content, too, and more of a North Texas bent. The site started strong, too, with 18 or so mostly local sessions already posted, including ones featuring the likes of Seryn, Sarah Jaffe, RTB2 and other local favorites. But, as Gutterth's Michael Briggs told us at the time and has reiterated to us in every conversation since, the site's goal has always been greater than to simply be a local catch-all; national touring acts would show up on the site, too, he promised.

And recent weeks, thanks to the glut of performers stopping through the region for 35 Conferette and South by Southwest, have seen Violitionist starting to make good on that aim. And, in the weeks since, two new performances have popped up, complete with video and free song downloads -- one with Real Live Tigers from Arkansas and, as of today, one with sometimes-local, sometimes-not rapper Astronautalis.

In the coming weeks, Briggs promises a whole slew of more uploads. For now, though, enjoy the fruits of his labor with Astronautalis, which includes the above performance of the oh-so-awesome "The Wondersmith and His Sons," complete with Astronautalis' new live backing band, as well as two more clips posted after the jump, one of which is a new song called "Midday Moon." Oh, and don't forget to download the tracks recorded as part of the session here, where you'll also find a quick Q&A with the SMU alum born Andy Bothwell. Unfortunately, there's no freestyle included in the batch, though -- something Briggs said Bothwell blamed on the fact that the recording session came too early in the day. Oh well. Next time.