Poster Of The Week: The Beaten Sea with Dust Congress and Fox & The Bird, tomorrow night at the Double Wide

Like the ghosts of forgotten family members, lost loves, or bygone eras, this week's poster haunts us in a way that cannot be ignored.

Created by Jamie Wilson of The Beaten Sea, this self-produced poster for the band's CD release show evokes all sorts of intrigue by reaching way back into the time of early photography.

Possessing that unique antique aesthetic that can only be conjured by early image-taking technology, soft images, dark eyes, and lack of detail add to the flavor. These flawed, imperfect images of the past are now an aesthetic that's sought after these days in the world of mega- nay, GIGApixels (Hipstamatic anyone?).

But it's the lack of technology here that gives this whole piece its warmth and visceral quality (with a dose of the macabre, for good measure and good mystery, of course).

When you take that central image of specters and the dearly departed and frame it with sophisticated typography, above and below, this poster begs to be framed and preserved for future generations to look back and speak of this era which will most assuredly become the past.

After all, everything that's old is new again. This time around, in this particular instance, not only is it new again, but probably even better than it was before.

Keep sending in your posters at least a week in advance, and don't forget to tell us a little about who did it, and why. Until next time.