Seven Shows Worth Seeing Tonight in Dallas

Quite a diverse collection of musical acts we have in our area tonight. Hell, there's even a Swedish hip-hop group. No joke.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group and Zechs Marquise at the South Side Music Hall
There aren't many folks who are known for their work with three different bands, but Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is certainly one of them. The guy is currently in The Mars Volta, but has also gained notoriety with At the Drive-In and, to a lesser extent, with the dub reggae band De Facto. What's really amazing is that none of those bands have anything in common -- and that Rodriguez-Lopez's eponymous solo venture seeks out still more divergent ground. Mostly a live act, the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group goes further in a progressive, jam fusion direction than anything the guitarist has attempted in the past. It's a trippy mix, but one that proves this guy can succeed at just about any style he attempts. Tonight's show should prove extra special, as Rodriguez-Lopez's sets been bolstered on this tour by "surprise" appearances from his Mars Volta bandmate, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, to try out some new Volta jams.

Milkdrive and Slim Richey & the Jitterbug Vipers at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton
Featuring former members of the South Austin Jug Band, Milkdrive is a progressive string outfit that will dazzle you with dexterity. These guys don't play; they shred. If they were a metal band, middle schoolers across Texas would be scribbling the band's name on every desk in sight. Road From Home, Milkdrive's debut studio effort, just hit the streets and, besides the obvious instrumental skills, the album delivers quality songwriting as well. For Americana and bluegrass fans, this is definitely a band worth checking out.

Movits!, The O's and Spooky Folk at The Loft
Hailing from Sweden, Movits! are an odd little trio that mixes swing music with hip-hop. Led by brothers Johan Jivin' Rensfeldt (vocals) and Anders Rensfeldt (multi-instrumentalist and DJ), Movits! are a pretty damn fun outfit who never take what they do too seriously. These guys know a thing or two about jazz, and they're trying their best to blend some honest to goodness urban soul into the mix. They succeed more often than not as songs such as "Sammy Davis Jr." and "Fel Del Av garden" aptly demonstrate.

Erykah Badu and Chromeo (DJ sets) at Rio Room
It's an invite-only affair tonight at the Rio Room's grand opening in the uptown spot that formerly held Suite. Still, it's Erykah Badu and Chromeo! OK, doing DJ sets. Still!

Ishi at Renfield's Corner
The second free show at Renfield's in Uptown in as many nights, this show features the electronic dance stylings of the ever-popular Ishi, so expect a crowd, for sure.

Drowning Pool, Anew Revolution, Trust Company, Static Cycle at Rockin Rodeo in Denton
Apparently Trees was booked. No? It wasn't? They have an open date on their calendar tonight? Weird. Your gain, Denton. If you like bodies hitting the floor and all that.

Ron Pope and Ari Herstand at Poor David's Pub
Two similar and sensitive singer-songwriters share the stage at Poor David's this evening. Both Ron Pope and Ari Herstand look great and make earnest music that is long on emotion and short on pretension. You can't ask for too much more. Pope's music is a bit more grandiose than Herstand's, but both men are quite comfortable making catchy music that's easy to digest.