Bonus MP3: The Orbans -- "New Dress"

In this week's paper, Mark Schectman reviews When We Were Wild, the long-time-coming-but-well-worth-the-wait full-length debut from Fort Worth's The Orbans. And Schectman makes no bones in shouting out the disc's merits:

[It's the Orbans'] blending of styles that truly makes When We Were Wild such an impressive release. Singer/songwriter Peter Black has basically guaranteed that there's something for everyone on this record. Even the songs that aren't as catchy as the rest are deeply personal anthems about love and loss--things to which everyone can relate.

Really: If they weren't already considered one of the most talented acts in town, this album would position them as such. Continue reading...

High praise, to be sure. But merited as well. For proof, hit the jump with us--the band's been kind enough to offer up the lead track off the album, "New Dress," as a free download for DC9 readers. And owning that song is just a couple of clicks away...

Bonus mp3:

The Orbans -- "New Dress"

The Orbans -- "New Dress"

Fans of Ryan Adams will get a kick out of this one, for sure. Hell, the whole album, even.

Catch the band at Lochrann's in Frisco tonight.