Aural Ambush: The French Kicks

This week, we again sent Observer interns Daniel Rodrigue and Spencer Campbell out onto the streets armed with a cheap-ass walkman and a copy of a song from a band coming through town.

The song in tow for this go-round was the French Kicks' "Abandon," and the dynamic intern duo found themselves a willing and impressively insightful barista in Mason Weaver out in front of Whole Foods' Lower Greenville location. As a result of their find, this installment's a little different--we liked Weaver's take so much, we let him have the full-length of the song to give his take. Check it out:

And if you want more of the song, feel free to download it.

Bonus mp3:

French Kicks -- "Abandon"

French Kicks -- "Abandon"

And if you really want more of the band, check 'em out tonight at 9 at the Granada Theater. --Pete Freedman