The Best Concerts In Dallas This Week, 1/12-1/18

We are in a stage of grieving. Our Cowboys fought hard, but ultimately came up short in the Divisional round of the playoffs. It was a fascinating (stressful) season with plenty of ups and downs and we're proud of a team that's made it as far as they have. Better luck next year. In the interim, check out some shows. This week Ben Howard is at the House of Blues, DJ Paul Johnson at the Crown & Harp, Gladys Knight not too far away in Oklahoma and Beach Fossils head up a strong bill that includes local Leon Bridges at Trees for the Have a Heart benefit. Here are your picks:

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Idol Job 10 p.m., at Sundown at Granada Theater, Monday, January 12, 3520 Greenville Ave., 214-824-9933 or, Free Arlington's Idol Job makes what they refer to as "sexy reggae." What that means exactly, we're not 100% sure. What we are sure of is that this is a great opportunity to relax and grab some food and a drink while listening to free reggae. Medicate yourself as needed. Don't worry, we're not here to judge. H. Drew Blackburn

Dustin Welch With Robert Cline Jr., 7 p.m., Tuesday, January 13, at Poor David's Pub, 1313 South Lamar St., 214-565-1295, $13 Dustin Welch was born on a Winter Solstice, in an old plantation house in Tennessee, out of the womb of a Native American princess. It sounds like some heavy folklore, but is apparently true, so it has always been Dustin Welch's destiny in some shape or form to make Americana music or be some sort of Southern superhero. HDB

Bob Livingston 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 14, at Vagabond, 3619 Greenville Ave, 214-824-2263, Free Bob Livingston originally hails from Lubbock and eventually ended up in Austin. Is it because Lubbock smells weird? Maybe. But, surely it was to become a part of Texas' growing outlaw country scene in the 1970s. He's done work with legends of the genre like Jerry Jeff Walker and Michael Martin Murphy. That's where Livingston's illustrious career began and it's even taken him to India as the music ambassador for the US State Department. Check out the legendary honky tonk player Bob Livingston at Vagabond to get the feeling of a true Texas outlaw right in your bones. HDB

Ben Howard
 With Willy Mason, 8 p.m. Thursday, January 15, at House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar St., 214-978-2583 or, $25-$45 Ben Howard is an English acoustic singer/songwriter with a folk sound inspired by the Joni Mitchell and Richie Havens records he heard as a child, as well as American blues artists like Robert Johnson and Skip James. Howard was originally headed towards a career in journalism with a focus on surfing, working on a journalism degree and writing for a surf magazine. But he dropped out of school just six months shy of graduating and gave up on journalism once his music started getting such an enthusiastic response. Howard has a unique voice that recalls Tracy Chapman and his guitar style is also distinctive because he often taps the body of the guitar with his knuckles in between strumming to add a percussive effect. After a few EPs, he released his debut album in 2011 and is now touring on his second album, I Forget Where We Were, released in October. Live performances have been the foundation of Howard's music ever since he first started playing to crowds on beaches, so expect a strong performance. Jeremy Hallock

Paul Johnson With Resident DJ Boxx, 9 p.m. Friday, January 16, at Crown & Harp, 1919 Greenville Ave., 214-828-1914 or, $10/$15 at the door Deep Inside is celebrating the one-year anniversary of it's monthly house music ritual at Crown & Harp this coming Friday with Chicago house legend Paul Johnson. Johnson has been a fixture at the center of the Chicago scene since the mid-'80s, releasing club hits on a string of equally legendary labels such as Cajual, Defected, Dance Mania, Peacefrog, Relief and Moody and selling millions of copies worldwide. As a DJ Johnson is known for soulful, harder-edged jacking house sets -- a characteristic also found in his enormous back catalogue. That catalogue also happens to make him one of the most prolific DJs in the history of Chicago house, possibly in house music as a whole. He managed to pull this off despite being confined to a wheelchair since the late '80s. It's a true rare treat to hear an artist of Johnson's magnitude in a such a small venue. Wanz Dover