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Watch: RTB2 Performs "Whistle" In The Kessler Theater

Because we can all use a palate cleanser now and then--and, also, because there's never a wrong time to listen to RTB2--check out the clip above, featuring Ryan Thomas Becker and Grady Sandlin performing their song "Whistle" in the still-under-reconstruction Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff.

And, since we're on that subject, yep, seem about time for a check-in with our old Echoes and Reverberations scribe, Jeff Liles, who'll be serving as the artistic director for the space.

"It's coming along," Liles says. "It's just kind of hard to know exactly when it'll be open for sure. We're still shooting for the week between Christmas and New Year's, but we're not a hundred percent on that yet."

Whether the venue will be open by 2010 or not, this much is sure: On December 27, the venue will be hosting a holiday party performance from Dallas native Emily Elbert, who'll be back in town on school vacation from the Berklee College of Music at the time. That event, Liles says, is happening for sure--whether it's as part of the room's grand opening week or just a one-off event used to showcased the progress made in the completely revamped room is still up in the air.

If the room opens in 2010 or not, though, it's clear, that, in some ways, the venue's remodel won't be complete until mid-February. Explains Liles: That's when the venue will be adorned with its new marquis marquee--one modeled specifically after the venue's old one, which hung from the building during its mid-'40s heyday.