Weekend Roundup: Soul Asylum, Summer Jam, Peter Murphy, Disney Channel Tween Idols

Whenever my parents would ground/spank/ridicule me, I’d run off to my room, jack up the volume and put “Runaway Train” on repeat. I’d cower under the bed and softly mouth the lyrics, “Runaway train … Never comin’ back,” over-and-over. For some reason, my folks never found this threatening enough to contact a shrink. Surprisingly, though, Soul Asylum is still around and making some dough off of their one-hit wonder. Here’s the band at Taste of Dallas on Sunday, giving the crowd a taste of nostalgia. Mmmm, tastes like teenage angst:

K104 had its Summer Jam on Saturday, featuring A-List acts like Lil Wayne. But it also featured homespun R&B groups like Dirty South Rydaz--or DSR to us in the know.


Indie rocker Peter Murphy looks a lot like a slightly heavier John Waters--that weird guy that wrote Hairspray. And maybe that’s appropriate, considering Murphy has little concern for being you typical, mainstream musician. In fact, in his performance at House of Blues on Saturday he even channeled Bela Lugosi. We don’t know who that is--but it all sounds really smart.

And how could we not show you the Jonas Brothers concert at Superpages last Wednesday one more time? Sorry about the shaky camerawork--but it’s nearly impossible for your body not tremble when Joe Jonas catches you in the tractor beam emanating from his magnetic brown eyes.

Ex-Observer cover girl and Dallas native Demi Lovato opened up for the brothers. See, people think we shill for Angela Hunt, when really we are masterminding the ascension of Ms. Lovato.

And that was your weekend. --Spencer Campbell