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Last Night: Dr. Dooom vs. Dr. Octagon at The Loft

Dr. Dooom vs. Dr. Octagon
The Loft
March 6, 2009

Better Than: Getting to the show when the doors open, only to wait three-and-a-half hours for to Keith actually get on stage.

I thought I was playing it safe when I arrived at The Loft close to 10 o'clock.

As I got to ticket window, there was a sign on the window that said that Kool Keith--in his Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom personas--wouldn't take the stage until "11ish." RIght. 

I was sure (educated guessing) Keith wouldn't take the stage until at least midnight.

As I made my way to the upstairs venue it seemed that the crowd had assumed the same, Either that, or it was going to be a really sparse crowd.

11 o'clock rolled around and still no Keith.

But soon the room had started to fill up: Newcomers and the people out on the patio made their way inside as The Party's DJ Sober was spinning a nice mix of East and West Coast early '90s hip-hop.

And a

s the crowd waited for the show to start, something exciting started happening: a break dance circle broke out. This is something I've only witnessed once before--but never at an actual show. It was really great to see.

However, I wasn't sure if the guys dancing were just peacocking on the dance floor or trying to find something to do so they could bide their boredom.

At midnight, Keith's DJ, Kutmasta Kurt, finally came out onstage--but only to get his gear set up for laying down Keith beats. He thanked the crowd for coming out and assured them the show would be well worth the wait. Then he put on a fake Hasidic looking beard and started droppin' beats.

After a few minutes of Kurt and Keith's hype man getting the crowd amped up, Keith finally came out.

Black velour blazer, ivy cap, silver reflective aviator glasses and a silver sequined scarf tied around his head all night. He looked like he'd gone into witness relocation. The beard Kurt was wearing--and the way he did it--made it look and feel like it was a costume. But, the way Keith looked, well, it was just the way his hype man explained it: "It's just Keith bein' Keith."

Throughout the show, Kool Keith jumped from persona to persona: Ultra, Black Elvis, Dr. Dooom and Dr. Octagon and let the crowd know what he was there for...the ladies. 

After asking if there were any Dallas ladies out there, Keith let them know what he was there for; he jumped into Dr. Octagonecologyst's "Visit To The Gynecologyst." Even as he rapped to the ladies to "get on the table and get on all fours" and that "he just wanted to touch them", the girls ate it up.

But, Keith's show was short and sweet, barely clocking in at an hour. After he finished his last song, he blamed having to leave the stage on "the club owner's curfew", even as people kept yelling out song titles hoping he'd jump into another song.

As if to make up for a short set, Keith stood at the stage and signed autographs for a bit. But, from the looks of the crowd, no one was disappointed with the short show.

Critic's Notebook
Random Note:
It was really cool to see an actual break dance circle break out. The crowd was really into it, which made it cool, and most of the guys breakin' were actually good--which also made it cool.

By The Way: I've been really impressed the couple of times I've seen DJ Sober spin before shows. His song selection is impeccable and he reads the crowd really well. What he may lack in scratch technique is made up for with the way he works the crowd and with his song selection.