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Robert Earl Keen Calls Kings of Leon "Sissies," Caleb Followill Says He's "Trying To Get Better."

Not too much more to report on the Kings of Rip Off Leon front today; we already know that the band has canceled all remaining dates on their U.S. tour and that the rest of the band may or may not be encouraging lead singer Caleb Followill to enter rehab.

But some interesting news nonetheless.

For instance, Texas music hero Robert Earl Keen is none-too-amused by the whole ordeal. And, in an interview with El Paso's KLAQ radio station, Keen didn't exactly bite his tongue:

"Those guys are sissies man.... Let me tell you, I hear a lot of complaining from those guys, and you know what, 'Man up!' is what I say. They're half my age, get up out of your bunk and go play your guitar."
Meanwhile, in an interview with a TMZ papparazo in New York, Caleb Followill didn't seem too remorseful about the tour date cancellations that could cost the band's insurance company upwards of $15 million. Mostly, he just seemed relieved that the cameraman who caught him out for a walk in New York City didn't lead with a question about his health, instead launching with a question about a Kings of Leon documentary that had been recently been picked up by Showtime.

Eventually, though, the cameraman did get to asking about Followill's voice, to which Followill responded, "I'm just trying to get better."

Check out the video of that brief, on-the-street video after the jump.


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