The Polyphonic Spree Will Finally Perform Rocky Horror in Dallas

The first annual Halloween Hootenanny happens this Saturday, on the second day of November, which is obviously not Halloween. But the spooky season can always be a few days longer, and most of us will still be buzzing from sugar highs or breathing in the fumes of latex masks. So why not get thrilled, filled and fulfilled with the Polyphonic Spree as they perform numbers from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Rocky Horror may be the best-known singalong in history. Or at least the raciest, the weirdest and possibly the creepiest. There are several odd superlatives you can give it - most surprising alien reveal, most unexpected miracle healing of a paraplegic, most actors who refused to let one oddball musical sink their careers.

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The Polyphonic Spree performed a medley of Rocky Horror songs last Halloween in London, dressed in a few red robes and garters on a cobwebbed stage. Since then they've appeared at a few other venues, including Bonnaroo, to perform "Dammit Janet," Sweet Transvestite" and "Time Warp." Because it's not possible to perform or even mention Rocky Horror without singing "Time Warp."

After the show the band will stick around the theater for a showing of the full film, with all the usual audience cheers and jeers. If you've never been to a late-night showing of Rocky Horror, it's something you need to cross off your bucket list. And if you have been to one already, why the hell not check out one with the Polyphonic Spree?

Tickets are available through the Lakewood website for $25. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.

Poly Spree London from jonathan Taylor on Vimeo.

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