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The 7th Annual Thin Line Film Festival is Now Also a Music Festival, With Sebadoh Headlining

Before 2014, the Thin Line Film Festival was Texas' only documentary film festival fest that prided itself on conceptually blurring the ever-thinning line between fact and fiction. But after six progressive years as the internationally known 10-day short film party, Thin Line will blur even more lines as five-day film and music festival in Denton, Texas on February 12 through 16. The Lou Barlow-fronted Sebadoh will headline, and 18 other mostly local bands will join them. Among those scheduled to appear are AV the Great, Booty Fade, Dim Locator, Fungi Girls, Jenny Robinson and Robert Gomez. Check the full lineup on the Thin Line web site.

Thin Line's condensed format is by no means compromising their love of storytelling in favor of tunes. With a devotion to documentaries, based primarily on filmmaker submissions and feature documentaries, the 7th year of this festival plans to screen up to 60 films with Q&A sessions to follow with filmmakers.

In past years, documentaries screened at the festival went on to become award-winning top picks at the Sundance Film Festival. But even with the acclaim, these aren't the type of films that can only be appreciated by cinematographers and doc-buffs. Not to mention DocuDenton 7K, where teams have five days to create a short documentary for screening at the festival and a grand prize. The visual projects screened at Thin Lines, all playing at the Fine Arts Theater and Campus Theatre, aim to reflect life's multilayered stories in a raw form, with one surprise fake-doc to keep viewers concept of reality skewed.

Thin Line maintains the festival's North Texas connection and adds some national flair with a diverse line-up of musicians and DJs. The festival is blurring more lines than one singer in a pin-striped Beetle Juice suit. If you're looking for live music ranging between metal, jazz, hip-hop, indie rock, Americana, and more, Thin Line Film Festival has plenty to offer.

Now in it's 7th year, Thin Line will take place at a variety of Denton venues. It's five jam-packed days of daily documentary screenings in the afternoon and early-evenings and nightly live performances for every musical liking under the moon, all within blocks of Denton's downtown square.

To find a full list of documentaries, musical line-ups, DocuDenton 7K, and festival passes, please visit Thin Line Fest's all access website.

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