Tonight, Tonight: Crosby and Nash at Verizon, Danielson at The Loft, Volbeat at House of Blues, Marina & The Diamonds at the Granada and Tartufi at Hailey's

What a great hump-day musical lineup we have this evening. Definitely something for everyone in this list of goodies...

David Crosby and Graham Nash at the Verizon Theatre
Hey, check it out! It's the worst half of CSNY!

Danielson, Binary Sunrise and Fishboy at The Loft
There aren't too many bands out there who play indie, gospel-influenced pop music, but New Jersey's Danielson is certainly one band in that limited genre to look out for. Fronted by one Daniel Smith, Danielson can be cloying and annoying, but also charming. Not sure if all the nurse or tree costumes really add too much to the overall effect, but there's something endearingly childlike about Danielson's music. Best of Gloucester County, the band's recently released eighth effort, is just as weird as anything else Smith has been involved with. Songs like "Complementary Dismemberment Insurance" and "But I Don't Wanna Sing About Guitars" just begin to scratch the surface of this guy's odd persona.

Volbeat, Hourcast and The Dammed Things at the House of Blues
Danish metal band Volbeat may not be well known around these parts, but, overseas, they're big enough to share stages with Metallica, Slayer and other heavy metal big boys. Led by Michael Poulson, the band mixes in the greaser-punk spirit of Social Distortion into its solid, classic metal roar. 2010's Beyond Hell/Above Heaven received some of the best reviews of the band's decade-long career. The album featured guest appearances from members of Napalm Death, Merciful Fate and Kreator. There's absolutely no reason why any respectable area metalhead should not be a fan of Volbeat. Perhaps the band's quirky name and lack of pretentiousness keeps them away from major success here in the States.

Marina & The Diamonds and Ishi at the Granada Theater
Although the music of Marina & The Diamonds is often described as indie and sometimes as new wave, this stuff is really just classic dance fodder with some hip influences. Marina Lambrini Diamandis looks great, sings OK and probably wouldn't feel too bad if she ended up being the next Britney Spears, sans the drama. Certainly Diamandis (who writes and records most of her music and only uses a backing band for touring) can venture out into areas many major pop stars would avoid, but there's something amiss in the look-how-odd-I-can-be vibe the gal projects. Like a mutant fusion of Bjork and Kate Bush, Diamandis is an acquired taste trying to (successfully) straddle the line between indie and big time.

Tartufi, Curvette and Achtone at Hailey's
After starting out as a power-pop trio out of San Franscico, Tartufi has slowly evolved into one wild and weird indie experimental duo. These days, Lynne Angel and Brian Gorman are just as content to release a single 26-minute song as an EP (as they did with The Butterless Man in 2009) as do anything resembling the conciseness of previous releases. Tape loops and various percussion instruments hold sway as the pair sing along manically like the offspring of Syd Barrett and Sid Vicious. Sounding like the Decemberists on some really mind-altering drugs, Tartufi is interesting as hell, but a challenge to take on for lengthy sessions. Perhaps you can walk in and out of Hailey's as to not be overexposed to the "charms" of Tartufi.