Good Friday: Jackopierce, Dweezil Zappa, Darktown Strutters, Captured by Robots, Boys Named Sue, Hatebreed, Justin Nozuka, Cartel, Generationals, Norma Jean, Paula Cole

Alright: Another weekend! No sense in beating around the bush. Let's just jump right in and check out the show-going options on the DFW plate for the next couple of days. First, as always, the shows we've already plenty hyped up.

Tonight at The Green Elephant, various hip-hop and DJ acts will grace the venue's two stages--but the real highlight, surely, is a DJ set from UK-based dubstep tastemaker Mary Anne Hobbs, who's stopping through Dallas as just one of four stops on her US tour. Also tonight: Minnesota-based hip-hop duo Eyedea & Abilities will take the stage at Hailey's in Denton, and PVC Street Gang, TV Torso, New Fumes and Cocky Americans will rock The Project House.

Tomorrow night sees quite the party at the Palladium for the annual Meltdown event, this one featuring Kid Sister, A-Trak, David Guetta, Kill The Noise and others. Also going on: Dax Riggs plays The Cavern; The Slow Burners release its new disc at City Tavern; and Analog Rebellion performs a MADD benefit at The Door Plano.

As for Sunday? Well, we'll get to that when we list the rest of the weekend's noteworthy shows after the jump. Join us, won't you?

Jackopierce, Creede Williams
Friday, November 20, at the Granada Theater

Once the major heroes of the folk-loving, SMU-attending set, Jackopierce has returned for a few shows in 2009--and a couple double-night dates at theaters around town. This weekend's no different. On Friday, the duo sees an opening set from Dallas' own country-reveling Creede Williams; on Saturday, the band returns to the Granada, this time with Oklahoma City's Graham Colton starting things off.

Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa
Friday, November 20, at House of Blues

Remember when Dweezil and his brother Ahmet hosted that show Happy Hour on the USA Network in the late '90s? No? It's cool; I barely do either. But I do remember that, of the two, Dweezil was the one who'd inherited the brothers' pop's musical chops.

Darktown Strutters
Friday, November 20, at The Cavern

A whole bunch of out-of-towners join the DFW's own Darktown Strutters. But no matter: The goth-disco duo of Kara Jean and Wes Darrin is the real draw here, with its mindbogglingly creative, noir-ish and yet quite modern sound.

Captured by Robots
Friday, November 20, at the Double Wide

I could try to explain Captured by Robots to you. Or I could just show you the video that was shown to me in explanation of the show. Check it out--those are real robots. Can't make it to this show? Catch it again tomorrow night in Denton at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

Boys Named Sue, Southbound Lane
Saturday, November 21, at The Lounge on Elm Street

Should be interesting to see a country show like this one in The Lounge, although I imagine it'll be a tough sell, despite the always fun shows put on by the Sues. The venue just seems most conducive to dance, hip-hop, indie and metal shows. Or maybe I'm just judging a club by its past bookings, I dunno.

Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse
Saturday, November 21, at The Door

Another pretty heavy, impressive metal show booked to The Door of late, right? What's up with this trend?

Justin Nozuka, Sam Bradley
Saturday, November 21, at The Loft

The VH1-approved Nozuka seems to stop through town once a month, promoting the crap out of his Jack Johnson-inspired fare. Apparently, though, this is the last time area fans will have the chance to catch him for some time before Nozuka heads into the studio to finish up the follow-up to his 2007 breakthrough, Holly.

Cartel, The Dares, The Summer Set, This Providence
Sunday, Novemer 22, at The Door

Speaking of music network-approved: Remember when MTV and Dr Pepper has the band live in a bubble for a week or so and write songs? That was a flop, huh? Regardless, there's a certain frat boy charm, I guess, to the band's biggest hit in its pop-punk catalog, "Honestly."

Generationals, RTB2, The Burning Hotels
Sunday, November 22, at Hailey's Club in Denton
I swear I've heard the funky, almost ska-influenced track "Nobody Could Change Your Mind," from this bill's New Orleans-based touring headliners, Generationals, before. But hell if I can place exactly where or when I heard it. Still, it's a pretty great track--which should make this bill, which features two great locals, the blues-rockin' RTB2 and the pop-punkin' The Burning Hotels, quite the weekend-ending winner.

Norma Jean, Arsonists Get All The Girls, The Chariot
Sunday, November 22, at The Door in Fort Worth

Kids who love Christian metal love Norma Jean.

Paula Cole
Sunday, November 22, at McKinney Performing Arts Center

Dunno 'bout you, but I still can't believe Joey ended up with Pacey over Dawson.

...and that's your weekend, folks. Have fun out there.