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Mom Changes Its Name To Sleep Whale? Looks That Way.

Maybe you've seen the above clip before? It's the video for "Sleep Whale" from one of my favorite Denton bands, Mom. Nice, right? I think so. But nice enough to become the basis for the band's entire future? Hmmm. Well, it looks that way, actually.

According to the band's blog and to the web site for the Austin-based label Western Vinyl, to which Mom (and, Salim Nourallah, too, actually) is signed, Mom has renamed itself in honor of the above song. For good, it appears.

I've got calls into both of Mom/Sleep Whale's members, Joel North and Bruce Blay, to get their takes on the name change. And, seeing as how the fellas used to have a pretty good explanation for the Mom one, I imagine, there's some serious thought behind this one, too.

We'll let you know when we hear back from the band--which is currently writing new material for an upcoming record, by the way--but, in the meantime, we did speak with the band's friend and former label rep, C.J. Davis of Pancakes for Mattie Records (and formerly of Good Records), who confirmed the name change. So, it looks like it's a go, folks.