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Bowling For Soup Gets The Web Soup Treatment

Apparently, every week on the new Web Soup show on G4, host Chris Hardwick shows his viewers a clip called "Things You Can't Unsee" and follows it up with another, cutesy animal clip called the "Palate Cleanser." Well, we're a little late to the game on this one, but it appears as if the above clip was used in the June 23 epsidoe of the show.
And what of the clip? Oh, nothing. Just the Denton-based Bowling for Soup hanging out with their puppy Sherman( and a balloon), as a song they wrote about him plays in the background. Pretty funny stuff. Funny enough for frontman Jaret Reddick to be hosting an event at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton tonight called "Fourth Wall Comedy Night," though?Tough to say.

Still, the above clip? Funny. And pretty adorable, too. Everybody now: Awwwwwwww.