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Tracklist: The Local Hang With Playlister P, Vol. 3

Many, many, many thanks to all those who showed at The Libertine last night for the third installment of my little first-Monday-of-every-month residency there called The Local Hang with Playlister P.

It was quite the grand ol' time. And a successful one, too--mostly because it featured the biggest turnout so far in this little event's three-month history, which ain't too shabby a feat, I don't think. Anyway, thanks again to those who came out.

Whether you made it out or note, check out last night's playlist after the jump for a taste of what I played. Hopefully seeing it will help convince you to come out to the next one of this--which, by the way, will happen next month, on Monday, January 4. See you then.

AM Ramblers -- "Goodbye Salem"
The Make Believers -- "Anytime Is A Good Time"
Hymns -- "Wedding Day"
The Burning Hotels -- "Austin's Birthday"
Baboon -- "Dracula Eyes"
Binary Sunrise "Five Minutes"
Whiskey Folk Ramblers -- "Moanin' Rag"
The Cut*Off -- "Black Market Value"
The Fieros -- "Songbird"
RTB2 -- "Whishy Waltz"
Seryn -- "We Will All Be Changed"
The Southern Sea -- "These Things Always End Badly"
The Frontier Brothers -- "Space Punk Starlet"
St. Vincent -- "Marrow"
School of Seven Bells -- "Iamundernodisguise"
Mount Righteous -- "Sea Man"
Red Monroe -- "Pat Mayse Lake"
The Happy Bullets -- "The Vice and Virtue Ministry"
Analog Rebellion -- "Marla Singer Doesn't Take Standardized Test (Disposable Smile)"
Objektiv One -- "Juicy (Banana Boardin' Mashup)"
Dorrough -- "I Want (Hood Christmas)"
Major Lazer feat. Santigold -- "Hold the Line (LehtMoJoe remix)"
Vega -- "Fondly"
Sore Losers -- "Bizarre Celebrations (Fizzy Dino Pop remix)"
Man Moon -- "Urban Outfitters"
Ghosthustler -- "Someone Else's Ride"
GalleryCat -- "Say Say Say"
Giggle Party -- "Jason Bought a Hatchet"
Occult Detective Club -- "You'll Follow Me"
The Uptown Bums -- "This and That"
The Wax Museus -- "Safety in Numbers"
Bad Sports -- "Nothing But Agitation"
Teenage Cool Kids -- "Foreign Lands"
The Strange Boys -- "Woe is You and Me"
The Nervebreakers -- "My Girlfriend is a Rock"
Fungi Girls -- "Pacifica Nostalgia"
The Buck Pets -- "More and More"
Matthew and The Arrogant Sea -- "The Wizard"
PVC Street Gang -- "Cutlass"
Neon Indian -- "Terminally Chill"
Damaged Good$ -- "Yo That's Righteous (A1 Bassline Remix)"
Mission Giant -- "Amphetamine Kiss"
The Secret Handshake -- "Denton, TX"
The Crash That Took Me -- "Patricia Lynn"
Faux Fox -- "Dirt City Rollers"
Air Review -- "House of All We Left Behind"
Sleep Whale -- "Cotton Curls"
Ishi -- "Pastel Lights"
Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Chiyo Chiyo"
Scuba Team Go! -- "Yew Kant Spell Kewl Like Us"
The Reiverboat Gamblers -- "DissDissDissKissKissKiss"
Sunnybrook -- "Waving Hands"
Telegraph Canyon -- "Shake Your Fist"
RTB2 -- "When Hammer Hits Stone"
The Lash Outs -- "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance"
True Widow -- "Duelist"
They Were Stars -- "Every Now and Then"
Dove Hunter -- "Well Wisher"
Boys Named Sue -- "Whiskey Talkin'"
Air Review -- "Chasing Corporate"
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- "She's From The Other Side"
Tripping Dasy -- "Bedhead"
The Paper Chase -- "What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning)"
Slider Pines -- "The Pinch"
Black Tie Dynasty -- "Seawall"
The Orbans -- "Were Her"
PlayRadioPlay! -- "Texas"