Collect All 10: Some of Your Favorite Denton Musicians In Stat Form

They make our drinks, run our sound, teach our kids, ring us up for our takeout, serve our coffee and share bills with international rock stars. They are the face of the Denton music scene and the reason why our town gets written about. Here's a small sample of our many fine representatives and their stats.

Ryan Thomas Becker Years playing in bands: 15 Favorite moment: Jimmy Smith is the notoriously cranky soundbro at Dan's Silverleaf. He runs great sound (and, of course, Dan's is a fine establishment), but it can take a night or two for you to get the hang of his demeanor. My first encounter with Jimmy was like getting seared in the balls with a brand shaped like Don Rickles. The next time I played Dan's, I commented from the stage on how the stick up Jimmy's ass was in a good mood that night. Everyone in the room went silent for a moment, looked at Jimmy, and then guffawed all at once. We're pals now, but I still get a sense that one day he's gonna run me over when he sees me crossing the street. Instruments played: Guitar, keyboards, drums, mandolin, bass guitar, theremin, bicycle, bell set, voice Current job: Texas Woman's University library Bands: RTB2, Hares on the Mountain, The Satans of Soft Rock, The Treelines, Last Joke Favorite bands I've shared the stage with: Cracker, Grand Champeen, Leatherbag, Johann Wagner, The Hochimen, Slider Pines, Slobberbone, American Werewolf Academy, Little Grizzly, Centro-matic, [daryl], Jetscreamer (at an open mic), THe Backsliders, Chomp Chomp, The Theater Fire, Kickball...


Justin Collins Years in bands: 19 Favorite moment: Sessions at Electrical Audio and Keyclub Recording. Playing shows with Phillip Roebuck, Nina Nastasia, Charlie Parr, Leon Russell. Seven years of soldering at The Echo Lab. Instruments played: vocals, guitar, banjo, drums, tambourines, shakers, organ, piano, sheet metal, ball-peen and claw hammers, disc brake, Fun Machine Current jobs: House sound monkey for Hailey's Club. Owner/ engineer at Satisfactory Recording Company. Associate/assistant at The Echo Lab. Area drummist. Current bands: Burntsienna Trio. Old Snack. Hares on the Mountain. Tony Ferraro & the Satans of Soft Rock. Danny Rush & the Designated Drivers. Spitfire Tumbleweeds. Delmore Pilcrow. Favorite bands I've shared the stage with: Phillip Roebuck, Nina Nastasia, Charlie Parr, Early Lines, Nouns Group, Record Hop, Warren Jackson Hearne and the Merrie Murdre of Gloomadeers, Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique, The Baptist Generals, Leatherbag, Dust Congress, Scott H. Biram, Two Gallants, Mandarin, Dove Hunter, British Sea Power, Sean Hayes, David Dondero, The Silver Arrows, Jetscreamer, Stumptone, Dana Falconberry, Snarky Puppy, Darktown Strutters, Murder By Death, Tre Orsi, Will Johnson, Kinky Friedman, John Wesley Coleman III, Ralph White

Warren Jackson Hearne Years in bands: 18 Favorite moments: First long tour in a school bus with The Gloomadeers in 2006. Instruments played: guitar, bass guitar, voice, clarinets (bass and contra-alto), tenor sax, drums, accordion, mandolin, banjo, etc. Current job: J&J's Pizza Current bands: Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique and Warren Jackson Hearne and the Merrie Murdre of Gloomadeers. Favorite bands I've shared a bill with: Reverend Glasseye, the Slow Poisoner, the Voodoo Organist, Billy Joe Shaver, the Thriftstore Cowboys, the Diamond Center, and just about every other band in Denton, TX. I know I've forgotten someone.

Scott Porter Years playing in bands: Roughly 15. Very roughly. Favorite moments: Record Hop recording with Steve Albini. Record Hop mini-tour with Octopus Project. Instrument played: Electric guitar Current job: Senior copywriter at FUNimation Entertainment. We do anime. Occasional weekend cook at Wildwood Inn, a little boutique hotel in Denton. Current bands: The Dead Hand, Spitfire Tumbleweeds Favorite bands I've shared a bill with: Mudhoney, Mike Watt, Octopus Project, The Sword

Grady Don Sandlin Years Playing in Bands: 17 Favorite moments: '97/'98 at the Plaza Theater in Carrollton, TX with my high school band Interstate Nine; '05 opening for Adrian Belew at Granada Theater with BAGG; '07 on the back porch of Dan's Silverleaf with Current Leaves (our last show, coincidentally); '09 opening for Centro-matic at Dan's Silverleaf (as a part of NX35) with RTB2; '09-'12 touring the Southwest and Southeast US with Boxcar Bandits; '12 at Outlaws and Legends Music Festival in Abilene, TX with Charlie Shafter, Matt Martindale and getting to sing "Can't You See" with Marshall Tucker Band. Instruments played: I play mostly drumkit/percussion. I like to sing. I play guitar around the house occasionally. Current job: Teaching private drum lessons and performing for a living. Current bands: RTB2/Last Joke, Boxcar Bandits, Charlie Shafter, The Treelines, Delmore Pilcrow Favorite bands I've shared a bill with: Eleven Hundred Springs, Centro-matic, Dr. Dog, Leatherbag/No Future, Telegraph Canyon, Junior Brown, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Burntsienna trio, Dana Falconberry, The Backsliders, The Blue Hit, Slobberbone and probably some others, who I can't think of now.