The Five Best Concerts In DFW This Weekend, Nov. 29-Dec. 2

Bettye LaVette, Bobby Patterson Thursday, November 29, at The Kessler Theater, $25-$35 Bettye LaVette's 1965 single "Let Me Down Easy" was the song that should have put the Detroit singer in the ranks of the Supremes and Marvin Gaye. LaVette's fame came later in life, however, namely as she's re-emerged in the last decade or so. Her 2005 covers album, I've Got My Own Hell to Raise, and 2007's The Scene of the Crime, both on indie label Anti-, found LaVette reigniting her passion for soul and R&B, and her latest album, Thankful N' Thoughtful, looks back on 50 years in the biz. Bobby Patterson opens up this intimate night of soul. -- Audra Schroeder

Denton Femme Fest Thursday, November 29, at Hailey's Club, $3/$5 An art class project turned benefit concert, tonight's Denton Femme Fest will celebrate the empowerment of women through art and include a silent auction, featuring the art of women in the community, as well as musical acts Deep Throat, Maria Cecilia and Mesha to round out the night. Comedian Sheila Bustillos Reynolds and spoken word artist Erica Granados-De La Rosa open. Proceeds benefit Friends of the Family, an organization focused on domestic violence prevention. -- Rachel Watts

Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder Friday, November 30, at House of Blues, $35-$60 Dethklok is the world's most violent metal band. In fact, the band's music is so savage, fans have to sign "pain waivers" just to enter the concert venue, or suffer the wrath of the Klokateers, the band's loyal servants. Nathan Explosion (vocals), Skwisgaar Skwigelf (lead guitar), Toki Wartooth (rhythm guitar), Pickles (drums) and William Murderface (bass) inspire a wave of death and destruction wherever they play. As part of a 30-city tour, Dethklok will be bringing their unique brand of mayhem to the House of Blues, with a little help from their death metal friends Machine Head, All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder. It promises to be the perfect night to celebrate the upcoming Mayan Armageddon. -- Christian McPhate

On the Eve Friday, November 30, at Nouveau 47 Theatre, $18 Home By Hovercraft were nominated in our Best None of the Above category in this year's Observer music awards, and this reminds us why. The group's new musical, On the Eve, tells the trippy tale of Marie Antoinette, time travel and hot air balloons. One description paints it thusly: "With Revolution on the horizon and a husband who is generally lacking, Antoinette turns to a space-busting aeronaut, a crazed scientist, and a beautiful muse to set things right in her kingdom." Singer Seth Magill, in an interview last month, had this to say: "Hardcore ballooning and royalty go hand-in-hand. Marie Antoinette was a big fan and supporter of the first hot air balloon. We're pretty sure that balloon was also a time machine, but our sources on that matter are questionable at best." Friday is opening night, and it runs through December 15. -- Audra Schroeder

Vinyl Fantasy/Away From the Numbers Friday, November 30, at Inwood Lounge/Saturday, December 1, at Texas Theatre, Free Texas Theatre's been racking up some impressive DJ nights, including their latest monthly venture, Ladies Stay Crazy, which I encourage ladies to attend and get crazy at. Saturday night, however, Gabe Mendoza and special guest DJ Jake Schrock provide you with a psych/soul/proto-punk soundtrack. When good musical taste is involved, that's really all the sell you need. Free. If you desire similar crate-digging, check out Vinyl Fantasy at Inwood Lounge on Friday. According to the invite, "DJ Emptycylinder and DJ Vice Principal gently place needles onto the choicest funk, psych, soul, prog, girl group, and hip-hop records ever pressed. And rest assured, that gentle touch translates to other things, ladies (ex. packing china)." Also free. -- Audra Schroeder