5 Reasons We Love to Hate Morrissey

We love Morrissey. We love his coiff, we love the tactless way he shoots off his mouth. We even love his supposed plan to have his band show off their new "Meat is Murder" T-shirts as a gesture of protest during his Thursday night show at the Majestic. And did you know it's his birthday tomorrow?

But he makes it hard for us sometimes, too. Old Moz isn't above preaching -- and even his message for the Majestic would seem to be aimed right at his own choir. As a protest, it may well fall, flatulently, flat. What's worse, he's not above his fair share of hypocrisy; in fact, there's plenty of protest-fodder we can hurl right back at this charming man of ours.

With that in mind, here are five such cases that embody our love-hate relationship with Morrissey. (Any of which might make fine slogans for a T-shirt. Or billboard. Or skyscraper...)