The Curious Case of Kitty Pryde, Plus Three DFW Rappers You Need To Hear

I spent a lot of time watching the "Okay Cupid" video from Florida rapper Kitty Pryde last night, and wondering if she was serious or if this video was an elaborate set meant to recreate the teenage experience. Maybe it's because I'm older and I don't know when kids are being serious anymore. But ... the sunlight streaming through the windows of her bedroom, the laptop covered with stickers, her Yeastie Girlz shirt? It feels like a photo shoot.

If you go looking for Kitty Pryde info on the Internet, you'll come across terms like "Tumblr-wave" and you'll see the perfunctory New York Times piece on her and fellow YouTube curio Karmin. The more I searched, the more I felt like I was just going through her diary, rifling through trash looking for clues. Maybe it's her half-joking get-out-of-my-room delivery. In one verse, she speaks of writing a boy's name on her binder. In another, she walks past a garage sale where a mirror sits on a table, with what looks like cocaine on it.

The video feels like a pretense until it doesn't, until you recognize that slow summer creep of teenage boredom, before you had a job or major relationships, and you could just lay around on your bed and write lyrics like, "I'm not heartless but I'm hardened, a rotten tooth/It's my party, couldn't cry if I wanted to," before ending the song with the line, "Snorted a pill, feelin' good." This video seems like a little less of a joke than, say, these guys, but damn the beat in that song is good.

While we're on the subject of ladies who spit, here are three DFW rappers you should check out.

Lyrical The 21-year-old just released her debut album, Adjective of Poetry. The line "I'm a walking yeast infection" on this track is gold.

Snow Tha Product "Guess who the fuck just walked in with two blunts?" Fort Worth's Snow Tha Product seems like she's fun to hang out with, and her flow is seamless. She just played the Pachanga Latin Music Festival in Austin last weekend, signed to Atlantic Records earlier this year, and a collaboration with Tech N9ne is imminent.

Lady Cam After a string of mixtapes, Night Out is Lady Cam's latest. She's got a bit of Big K.R.I.T.'s country grammar.