DFW Music News

See What We're Listening To In Our Offices At This Very Moment

We just signed up for an account at last.fm, which is a pretty cool site if you're, like, into music and stuff.

Basically, last.fm reads your computer's music player in live time and uploads it to the Internet so others can see what you're listening to. Here's what we've been geeking out to of late:

Cool, right? It's like you're stalking us! Which you kind of are! Creepy!

Anyway, I think the site also turns the songs you listen to into a radio station you can stream from any computer. But I haven't gotten that far along into the process. I do know, though, that it clues you in to other music you might enjoy based on your tastes. So that's pretty cool.

Oh, and it also makes you, like, really paranoid about listening to your whole iTunes library on shuffle because you could definitely lose TONS of street cred if/when Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love" comes on at random and plays long enough for the system to recognize it. But I guess that's part of the fun.

So you should totally sign up and become friends with that really cool-looking user called DallasObserver. That'd be awesome. -- Pete Freedman