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Wanna See The 2010 Dallas Observer Music Awards Ballot? We're Waiting On You, Dude.

Maybe you already follow @DC9atNight on Twitter. Maybe you don't. You should though. For obvious, mostly awesome reasons.

But, whatever. That's not the point of this post. Rather, this is: If you've been following @DC9atNight intently, you probably also already know about the new Twitter account we've got up and running called @DOMATweets.

It's exactly what it sounds like--a Twitter account dedicated to all things Dallas Observer Music Awards-related. And, as you know, we're coming up on that season. So it's well worth your Twitter follow.

For a couple reasons.

First of all: Social media's gonna be playing a big role in this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards (our 22nd go 'round, by the way). We'll explain more about that--on the @DOMATweets account, no doubt--as we get closer to the awards.

But secondly, and more pertinently, there's this: Whether or not you knew it, the first round of DOMA season is already complete. A couple weeks back, we sent out nomination ballots to various respected members of the North Texas music community. At this point, all their ballots have been submitted, too. Hell, we've even compiled the results of their nominations.

Meaning? Yes, we have the nominees for this year's music awards ready for your eyes to peruse and your brains to criticize.

Only, well, here's the trick: We're not posting the ballot until we've got 300 followers for @DOMATweets on Twitter. So, really, it's up to you. The ballot could be released tomorrow. Or on Friday. Or a week from Thursday. Whenever, really. It's your call. Just as is who gets to take home each of this year's 32 awards come our awards ceremony, which is taking place at the Granada Theater on Tuesday, July 20.

Oh, and on that note: DOMAXXII voting will start on June 10. Which, yes, in an odd twist of fate, also happens to be my birthday. No big deal.