Why Kanye West May Prove to Be the Perfect Punk Rock Rapper

This weekend Kanye West released two new singles off his upcoming album, Yeezus, in the most grandiose possible fashion. On Friday, he announced the video for his newest single, "New Slaves," would be projected onto 66 buildings across six cities around the world in one night. Crowds gathered by the hundreds, the Wicker Park screening in Chicago shut down traffic for nearly an hour. In the video, a tight close-up shot of West's face stared blankly back at attendees, almost as if he was on the other side of the fishbowl for once. He spit vitriol at socio-economic racial double standards, the mainstream media, and the prison-industrial complex over a minimalistically sinister beat. That thousand-mile stare took over Vine and Instagram feeds all night. Saturday, he performed it on Saturday Night Live along with the previous unreleased "Blk Skn Head."