Poster Of The Week: Yells at Eels, Silk Stocking, Darktown Strutters, D.A.R.C.

Not only does this show promise an interestingly varied lineup (Yells at Eels, Silk Stocking and Darktown Strutters), but an installation of artwork from Denton Artists' Resource Collaborative as well. I don't know whether the chimney sweep straddling two smokestacks was intended to be an illustration of "social separation" (the theme of the installation), but it's a beautiful image nonetheless.

I haven't yet found out who designed the poster, except that it's hosted in a PhotoBucket account under the user name "lordpumpkin." Whenever I hear back from the D.A.R.C. (or from a DC9 reader who recognizes it) I'll update the post with the artist's name.--Jesse Hughey

Update: The poster was created by Carl Bajandas.