After All This Talk About A New Direction For Sarah Jaffe's Music, Now You Can Hear It.

A few times now, we've mentioned that beloved area folkie Sarah Jaffe seems fairly intent on moving her music into a new sonic direction -- something that became especially clear during her recent Wyly Theatre performance, where she debuted some of her newest songs.

The differences revealed by those new songs were fairly stark; they still featured the broad instrumentation and the intimate nature that makes Jaffe's sound so appealing, but they pretty much completely ditched the singer's folk beginnings. Instead, they headed off into a new direction entirely: electro-pop.

As Jaffe moves forward -- plans remain for an EP release sometime this year before she starts working on a new full-length -- it'll be interesting to see how this pans out. This appears, after all, a pretty major move from an artist who has just recently become so adored by area music fans.

We bring all this up because, after the jump, you can get a small taste of Jaffe's new direction, in the form of a song called "Paul/The Body Wins," which Jaffe and her band performed during a recent live performance taping for the website Don't fret too much: Jaffe and her band also performed some old favorites, which follow the new song in the clip.

Anyway, give it a watch and let us know what you think.