Three Can't-Miss Opening Bands at Clearfork Festival

We don't even know if the term "festival" has much meaning around these parts any longer. It gets thrown around like so many of Tony Romo's practice balls during training camp and seems to now apply to any concert that has more than two artists and has at least a single food truck stationed nearby. (Or at least an Arby's.) But among the mass of events that christen themselves as festivals, this weekend's Clearfork Music Festival certainly deserves the distinction.

This year's festival, held on Saturday at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth, is headlined by a slew of Austin bands, including Black Angels, Wild Child and Bright Light Social Hour. But further down the bill there are some other fines bands you may be less familiar with but will be well worth the time. Here are a few to check out.

Thomas Wynn and the Believers - KTL Stage 7:45pm Hailing from Orlando, Florida, this is a legit southern soul-rock outfit. The vocals of Thomas Wynn and his sister Olivia boast a pure power that really resonate, whether it's a slow country jam or a blistering, greasy rocker.

Jetta in the Ghost Tree - Solar Powered Stage 3:00pm The latest project from former Flickerstick frontman Brandon Lea, this group has a heavier sound than his former guitar-driven power-pop act, which was quite the big deal around these parts over a decade ago. Read this great piece from FW Weekly's Anthony Mariani to get an up-close glimpse into what to expect.

Lincoln Durham - Main Stage 3:45pm This one-man-dirty-electric-delta-blues-country-rock-band might live in Austin, or have lived in Austin at some point, but for the most part, he's a traveling troubadour. His albums, including his most recent LP, Exodous of the Deemed Unrighteous, are stellar, scary and enthralling all at once. And as it just so happens, so are his live shows, even in the seemingly safe daylight hours of a holiday weekend. Be warned.

The Clearfork Music Festival takes place on Saturday August 30th at Panther Island Pavillion 395 Purcey Street Fort Worth, Texas, 76102