Bonus MP3: Sundress -- "Locust"

Way back in November, we welcomed a young Denton band called This Old House into our weekly video sessions. There, the band wowed us with its deliberately-paced, heavy-on-the-atmosphere indie rock.

In the following months, the band changed its name--twice, even. First, at NX35, it debuted as ODYSSEY. Then, a few weeks later, the band became Sundress, which, for the past couple of months, has stuck--to the point, at least, where, earlier this month, the band released its debut EP, Fever, under the Sundress banner. In this week's paper, Cory Graves gave the disc a listen. In his review, which celebrates the band's ambient brand of dream pop, Graves writes:
With songs that effortlessly segue into one another, the biggest factor unifying the EP's seven tracks is definitely the striking clarity and smooth delivery of singer Ryan McAdams' beautiful vocals. Continue reading...
Fine praise. And, courtesy of the band, give the proper album version of "Locust," which the band previously performed for our above video segment, a listen and download after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Sundress -- "Locust"

Sundress -- "Locust"

Here's a word Graves didn't use in his review: Hypnotic.