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Download: Old 97's Perform Songs From The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1 For Daytrotter

The Old 97's are have experienced a bit of a resurgence since the October release of their new record, The Grand Theatre, Volume One, which also happens, y'know, to be their best release in about a decade.

And now you can get some live renditions of those tracks for free. This morning, the folks up at Daytrotter alerted us via Twitter, of their newest session, which features four songs from our own Old 97's. Seems that word of their new record The Grand Theatre has traveled all the way up to Daytrotter headquarters in Illinois. But, actually, this live session was actually recorded in one of Austin's oldest bars, The Scoot Inn.

And, as Daytrotter writer Sean Moeller suggests, it sounds like Rhett Miller and company gathered some inspiration for this performance from the surrounding scenery of the honky-tonk dive, turning their perfect pop songs into a soundtrack to a bar-room brawl.

In fact, the music is so furious and fast-paced on this take of "Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)" that Miller even sounds like he's out of breath in a few sections. But the band still pulls it off without a hitch, further proving that their live show is still just as raucous and exciting as it was back when they were playing their earliest shows in Dallas.