Dorrough Expands Himself As An Artist, Pens Song About Ice Cream.

You'd think that, in most instances, after scoring a major, nationwide hit with a song called "Ice Cream Paint Job," a rapper might consider avoiding the subject of frozen treats for a little while.

But oh how presumptuous of you that would be...

This past week, Dorrough's collaborator, the FADER-approved Fat B, released via his Twitter account a free download of a bonus track off Dorrough's debut full-length Dorrough Music. And the song he leaked? It's called, get this, "Caramel Sundae."

Rather than the breakthrough hit's automobile-focused subject matter, this time instead finds the rappers discussing the fact that "they like all flavors" of "ice cream," which, between you and me, I'm pretty sure is a euphemism. Like, OK, check this like from Dorrough: "I like the way you scoop / can you drop it on a cone?"

Check out the track--and, sure, go download it--after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Dorrough feat. Fat B -- "Caramel Sundae"

Dorrough feat. Fat B -- "Caramel Sundae"

Frozen yogurt, you're on deck.