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Download: The Rolling Stones' The Dallas Rehearsals: June 24, 1972

Two days ago, ye olde in-house former music editor, hipped me to a pretty amazing little gem he'd come across on the Internet while searching mp3 blogs (no doubt for more Kadane Brothers rarities).

It's a collection of three rare Rolling Stones blues takes--apparently from a session held right here in our fair city...you know, since the post calls them The Dallas Rehearsals and all.

My only concern is if the takes are actually from here. We know that the Stones were in town on that date--they played a gig in Forth Worth on that same date as part of the Stones Touring Party tour (and you can download a torrent of that show's live set here)--but we'd never heard of any Dallas connection to that date until now.

Either way, they're some nice takes (if a little lacking on the sound quality), and I highly recommend the listen. --Pete Freedman