Poster Of The Week: Dead Week Print Show with Sleep Whale, Dust Congress, Eyes & Ears Tonight at Rubber Gloves

Talk about apropos. This week's selection is not only for Gutterth Production's release show for its Compilation Two sampler disc, but it also heralds another collection of local fine art of the printed variety.

Created by Nick Weber (typography) and Michael Little and Taylor McClure (illustration), all of the Denton-based design outfit Pan-Ector Industries, this piece is a true representation of "powers combined." This theme will be mirrored at tonight's dual-purpose show by showcasing other local poster and screen-print artists all while being entertained by the live sounds brought to you by Gutterth (with live screen-printing by the folks of Pan-Ector!).

This very spartan poster is another quietly loud number, with minimal distraction. Not only does it provide something of a visual palate cleanser (or could that be palette in this case?) for the undoubted sensory buffet promised for tonight's show, it also lets you notice the nice details added to an otherwise bare canvas. After all, subtlety is awesome. (P and E stand for Pan Ector... not pretty antlers)

I'm certain that this clean yet curiously cuddly piece is just the tip of the sword in tonight's attack of the posters. I'll see you all on the battlefield.

Continue sending your poster submissions to [email protected]. Be sure to include the artist/designer's name and info for proper credit, at least a week in advance. (Send printed pieces here.)